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October 2014
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Pinup Art (by Feng Zhu)
Hey all,

    Tonight Tau Squadron scored another progression kill. Nightmare Mode Corruptor Zero (4th and weekly boss in Nightmare Dread Fortress) is officially downed. Congrats to Vaela'ven for receiving our guild's first Unassembled Dread Master Offhand, and big thanks to everybody who came on the run, Emperor's Hammer is now officially 4/5 Nightmare DF!

Tanks: Vaela'ven and Nysarra (Corsette's Assassin)
DPS: Wrector, Sheytan, Apharan, and Unforgive (my Sniper)
Healers: Douglas'quaid (Kinny's Mercenary) and Van'aris (Zynox's Operative)

    Kill screenshot shown below. Nightmare Brontes shall be next :D

Stay Sithy my friends,

Hey all,

     Tonight Tau Squadron scored another progression kill. Nightmare Mode Grob'thok, 3rd boss in Nightmare Dread Fortress. After a week of hard work we figured out how to effectively do this fight and was able to down him in just under 2 hours. COngrats to Rapier for receiving our guild first Unassembled Dread Master Gloves, and big thanks to everybody who came out for the kill!

Tanks: Vaela'ven and Spetum (Rapier's Powertech)
DPS: Kamjin, Neejah, Apharan, and Unforgive (my Sniper)
Healers: Douglas'quaid (Kinny's Mercenary) and Van'aris (Zynox's Operative)

    Kill screenshot shown below. We will be working on Nightmare Bestia and Nightmare Corruptor Zero next!

Stay Sithy my friends,

Darth_Rapier a Thanks Vaela, I'd also like to thank the team for the Dread Master Gloves... the armoring is in place... while the usele ...
Vaela'ven I'd also like to give a well rewarded kudos to Rapier for helping come up with the final strategy that allowed us to do ...
Sheytan Blacklight Grats, guys :)
Hey all,

    Last night eight of us went into HM Scum and Villainy on the Republic side and cleared the entire instance, with barely an enrage by Styrak at the end. The run was a success and we even got a couple of nice decorations for the Dromund Kaas guild stronghold (such as the Krayt Dragon Skull) thanks to the generous donations of those who won the rolls!

    Big thanks to all those that came out

Tanks: Kayvel (Vaela'ven's Shadow) and Uruz (Kinny's Guardian)
DPS: Meral (Sheytan's Shadow), Kamujin (Kammy's Sentinel), Scymon (Wrector's Sentinel), Carn'caran (Logain's Sage)
Healers: Fangrin (Zynox's Scoundrel) and Of'puppets (my Sage)

Stay Sithy my friends,
Ravana Congratulations, and even more so for donating the Skull to the Guild!
Hey all,

     After months of hard work and dedication, Tau Squadron has finally killed Gate Commander Draxus in Nightmare Dread Fortress! Because of the tight DPS check we run a 1 tank 5 dps setup. Big congrats to Wrector for receiving our guild's first Unassembled Dread Master Headgear. Thank you to all that participated!

Tank: Spetum (Rapier's Powertech)
DPS: Sheytan, Wrector, Mayithra (Vaela'ven's DPS Assassin), Apharan, Unforgive (my Sniper)
Healers: Van'aris (Zynox's Operative), Douglas'quaid (Kinny's Mercenary)

    Screenshot is attached. Good job Tau raiders!

Stay Sithy my friends,

Blitzkrieg WOOOOOOOOT FUCKING GRATZ all. GREAT damned job. see what happens when you do not invite me. Please do not kick me from ...
Hey all,

I've gotten a lot of positive feedback regarding members' desire for a guild ship, so I've decided to start a fundraiser. Keep in mind that a ship costs 50 million, and has 16 unlockable rooms for 5 million each; that's right, a whopping 130 million credits for a fully unlocked ship ...


I've had a chance to test the strongholds on the PTS, and it's pretty cool. With that in mind I decided to put together a poll to see where members want us to have a stronghold at


Remember, none of this will happen unless people CONTRIBUTE. I may have over 50 million stashed away on all of my characters combined, but I have no plans to drop all of that on a ship ... So if you want a ship, give me money!

Stay Sithy my friends,
Ravana Well, I'm in the 'I want it' category, but it is ludicrously expensive for a small guild. So I think we're going for a ...
Blitzkrieg I will be MORE than happy to contribute. But based on the feedback(lack there of here) are we still considering this?
Ravana Also, Conquest is coming out asap. Dulfy has a really good guide at http://dulfy.net/2014/08/07/swtor-planetary-conquest ...

Game Update 2.9

Ezria posted Jul 28, 14
Hey all,

    I started a poll to see how many people are interested in Guild Flagships and/or Guild Strongholds, please check out this thread. One thing to note, if we want them as a guild, we gotta pay for them, and they are by no means cheap (We currently have less than 4 million in the Guild Bank) ... Keep in mind that until I get enough positive response regarding this I will not approach Rapier with a proposal to get one for us; if you guys want a guild flagship, be proactive, talk among each other, and come to me with numbers! I'm not going to buy something that only 1 or 2 people will use ...


    The strongholds thing is kind of a pointless credit sink in my opinion, but people have been clamoring for pointless credit sinks since launch. I am by no means opposed to the idea of Player Housing, because it's not forced upon us. I find them to be pointless so I will not pay for one, but that doesn't mean others shouldn't be allowed to buy one. So if you like housing and decorating, I think you'll have a lot of fun in this Game Update.

    The only thing that I'm interested in is the Legacy Bank, but I do hope that Bioware lowers the cost of unlocking the tabs, because in its current form it is way ridiculously expensive. If they keep up the current price I'll just keep with the current inconvenience of mailing shit between alts.

Stay Sithy my friends,
Ravana You benefit because it allows you to do the Conquest gameplay, which is coming to PTS later this week. We'll have a bet ...
Ezria Besides, I dont really care about guild ships. What does it do? How do we benefit from having one?
Ezria 50 million credits. It's designed to be a credit sink, and reward guilds with lots of members who generously donate to t ...
It pleases me that we have had a decent turn out for my fun runs. I'd like to extend this farther to include Republic side raiding. So I encourage everyone to sign up and come out and have some fun.

31 July 2014 There is a raid this day even though it's not on the calendar. It's being funny and not allowing me to set up the event. If someone else can try and set up the event for that would be great. Anyway, the event is still there and we'll be running Scum and Villany HM that night. So go ahead and come out and have some fun.

05 August 2014 This will be another one of my experiments. So lets get those Republic characters leveled up and geared so we can start having fun in my traitor raids. If you are interested in Republic side raiding sign up, come out, and have fun. Mind you these runs will all be HM. There is no reason to do SM operations.

So with that I encourage everyone to come out and spread the word. I'd like to see more of the guild come out and participate in these runs. Oh and you get characters gear, and it's something to do. I know this will make for a heavy raiding week for those who are in Tau Squadron that come out this, but I want to start scheduling more events for the guild. So come out, get gear, and have fun.

Thanks for reading,
Ezria I fixed the Thursday event. Apparently you had to make the event while the calendar view is August. Since all of the eve ...

Dark Greetings,

I’m pleased to announce that we are extending the Cluster of Fire reward system to the Galactic Starfighter PvP event in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  As of today you can submit screenshots of victories in Galactic Starfighter and receive a Cluster of Fire for a victory.

Consul Crsepe as well as the Dark Council will be evaluating the response to this new activity and the scoring systemto see if it needs adjustment at a later date.  I’d like to hear from those of you that play Galactic Starfighter on ideas on how to develop this further.  Is it too low of a threshold?  Are you interested in events based around it?  Would you like to be in or lead a Battleteam centered on this activity?  Let us know your ideas as we move forward.

Good luck, have fun, and Darkness Defend,

TO/AD Lord Tomaas Montte/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign [DCRN]


{IU:C/TC, C/DB, C/DIR, S, XWAC, SM2, INST, AIM, 1, 2, ICQ,



AT1, LST, RT, STM, 1, GMR, 1, 2}

GM/GM Lord Tomaas Montte/DC-1/

(SL) (ED) (GC) (SoP) (DC-K) (KS) (Cr-D-R-Ax2-E-T-Q) (CF-R) (LSB)

Darth Beskad

Tomaas "Hitman" Montte Ground PvP should have already been garnering CoF's for wins. As for the gameplay I'm sure there will be ongoing adjust ...
Vaela'ven The balance, as always, is with the combination of equipment. THe major issue right now is that some things give certain ...
Ravana Woohoo, FINALLY! I do GSF, but I'm not too regular. Just whenever I feel like it. I'm SO glad we can actually get reward ...
The ship is awesome, drop off your decorations for display :sick:
We have a ship now! Go check it out everyone!
Wooot! 2 Progression kills in a week! Nightmare Corruptor Zero downed!
Woot Nightmare Grob'thok downed! 3/5 Nightmare DF now!
Nightmare Draxus kill [link] my sniper's POV
Hooray! I've already donated a ton, but I've been keeping a stockpile for just this occassion :sick:
Guild Stronghold on Dromund Kaas is now up! Any donations of funds/decorations is welcomed! :sick:
Conquest looks fun
They're up on PTS now. Pretty cool looking! No need for the expansions though tbh
and yes, that's a total of 130 Million for a fully unlocked Guild Ship. Who else wants one? lol
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