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April 2014
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Pinup Art (by Feng Zhu)
Hey all,

    Big congrats to Tau raiders tonight. After several attempts we have killed Dread Master Brontes on 8-Person Hard Mode! Congrats to Rapier on receiving our first ever Dread Forged Chestpiece, and also congrats to Zynox for receiving the volcanic kell drake pet that drops from Brontes! Those who were on our first kill team:

Tanks: Vaela'ven and Spetum (Rapier's Powertech)
DPS: Sheytan, Corsette, Kamjin, and Unforgive (my Sniper)
Healers: Van'aris (Zynox's Operative) and Douglas'quaid (Kindrohi's Mercenary)

    Woot! HM Raptus is next!

Stay Sithy my friends,
SWL Ezria

P.S. Yes I know, I forgot to screenshot this ... I'll get one for the next time we kill her!

P.P.S. Last night we one-shotted Brontes, kill pics is attached (original image here: http://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/1604896/pics/original/2608690.jpg). I'll do a video for our third kill!

HM Brontes
Darth_Rapier a I caught this... http://www.emperorshammer.net/gallery/m/3268056/detail/59468#pid=1770938 ...
Zephon Congrats guys (and girl)!

Some Ep. VII updates...!

Garonin a posted Mar 22, 14
From Vadley on 03.18.14:


(Reuters) - The highly anticipated next installment of the "Star Wars" franchise will be set 30 years after "Episode VI: Return of the Jedi," Walt Disney Co.'s chief executive officer Bob Iger said on Tuesday at the company's annual shareholders meeting.

Another rumor is that Carrie Fisher has requested a leave of absence during the time frame the filming will be going on.

Zephon Wow! We can finally get a guild ship. Took Bioware long enough.

March Madness Sith Style

Zephon posted Mar 5, 14
My fellow Sith, 

It's time once again to give in to madness...March Madness that is! (sorry Raptus) To celebrate this annual blood sport we are hosting an EH March Madness pool. In addition to the usual bragging rights this will be an official Dark Brotherhood competition so the winners will get shiny Crescents and a mystery prize! The competition is open to all EH members so sign up! 

Our very own SWL Starkillerny has set up the pool and will serve as our commissioner and final judge. Email him if you have any questions. Try to use some permutation of your EH name when you name your bracket so we'll know who you are. 

Simply go to:

Pool ID#: 3761 
Password: ehsports  

or email Star if you have any questions. Good luck and GO MEMPHIS TIGERS!! ;)

DGM/DA Zephon/DC-2/

Ezria o Btw, how did you post that picture? I've always tried to post screenshots of our progression kills but to no avail best ...

Patch 2.7

Ezria o posted Mar 4, 14
Here are the Patch notes on the current build of the PTS: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=724869

Couple of highlights that are of interests:
- New Huttball map on Quesh
- New GSF Map
- A ton of class balancing
- Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress
- New Flashpoints

Personally, I don't care at all about the new GSF map or the new flashpoints. I find those tactical flashpoints to be a waste of time.

I'm very excited about the new Huttball map, it's apparently "vertical" as in the ball carrier must take the ball all the way up to the peak. So far reviews of it on the PTS have been excellent, can't wait to try it out on Live!

Class balancing is continuing to get rid of RNG within DPS specs. This update in particular removes virtually all RNG away from Arsenal Mercs, Lighting Sorcs, and Madness Sorcs. Additionally, sorcerer survivability has been addressed, which I'm quite happy about, perhaps I'll do more WZ's on my sorc healer! For snipers Evasion essentially becomes a 3 second god mode, and entrench no longer is removed when you leave cover, which is a great QoL change!

Finally, several changes were made to address some PvP issues. Smash monkeys will now be MUCH less effective in arenas since they're nerfing smash (About damn time!), which makes me VERY happy because I no longer have to carefully keep a 15 m distance from my guarded target. Concealment Operatives is also nerfed in this patch, they will no longer be able to effectively stun lock someone (As an assassin tank it was more of a minor annoyance, but I see the need to nerf that).

DPS Juggs will now have a different aggro dump. Enraged Defense is now remade as a defensive cooldown that heals. DPS Juggs will no longer have an AOE taunt, the previous AOE taunt, Threatening Scream, will function as a threat dump when the Jugg isn't in Soresu form. AOE taunt is unaffected by Jugg tanks.

New tier of PvE and PvP gear! Dread Touched Gear will now drop from Nightmare Dread Fortress bosses, which is a tier above Dread Forged gear. This of course means that Dread Forged gear will now be craftable! Bioware is also doing something different for Nightmare mode this time around. Apparently they will have their health and damage buffed just like in previous nightmare modes, but the buff only lasts a certain amoutn of time. Afterwards their health and damage will drop back to hard mode level; additional mechanics still apply.

Ranked Warzone comms will now be used to purchase Berserker gear, which is a tier above Obroan. Obroan gear will now be bought with regular Warzone comms. One of my favorite things about this new update is the fixes to bolster. Assuming there's no more bugs, full Berserker gear will be BiS for PvP. Campaign/Dread Guard weapons will no longer be best in slot.

Stay Sithy my friends,

P.S. Next Gree event will bring legacy offhands!
Starkillerny See I will withhold the "I told you so" and just say I'm glad your having fun and doing really good in it. Hav ...
Starkillerny I remember a long time ago in a TOR universe far far away where a certain member of EH literally REFUSED to do PVP in fa ...

Operations on the calendar!

Ezria o posted Feb 24, 14
Hey all,

    Tau Squadron will be taking a short week-long break this coming week. I know that a lot of people still want to run something so I decided to post a Story Mode Dread Palace run for Thursday night and a Story Mode Dread Fortress run on Sunday night. Both of these events will happen at 8:30 p.m. server time. If interested, sign up! Gear requirement for these two Ops is pretty loose, 66 purple gear should suffice.


Clan Drakonan Promotions

Zephon posted Feb 20, 14
My fellow Sith, please join me in recognizing our latest promotees from Clan Drakonan:

McClain from Acolyte (ACO) to Protector (PRO) 
Veesko from Apprentice (APP) to Novice (NOV)
Igazi from Apprentice (APP) to Novice (NOV) 

Congratulations to all of them on their achievements and outstanding work as members in the Dark Brotherhood!

DGM/DA Zephon/DC-2/

Greetings Fellow Sith,

It’s that time of year again. Time for candy, flowers, jewelry and lots of very un-Sithy things. It’s also time once again for slaying the undead legions. Come join us for our latest Killing Floor event, "The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

We will be running Killing Floor rounds on the Dark Brotherhood Killing Floor server from 8:30 EST until at least 10:30 EST on the 13th and 15th. As with our previous events the player with highest score of a winning round (the Patriarch is killed) will receive a Cluster of Fire (CF) and the overall point leader for each night will receive a Kaiburr Star (KS). This is also a pop-in/pop-out event so don’t worry if you have to come late. But please sign up on the event page if you plan on coming so we can plan for server space.

We are also introducing a new mechanic for this event where the participants will vote for the "Team player of the night.” This will recognize a player other than the point leader who, in the eyes of his/her teammates, contributed the most to the team’s success. The player voted "Team player of the night” will also receive a Kaiburr Star (KS).

So whether your 14th is full of love and romance or pints of ice-cream, bad movies, and boxed wine come join us on the 13th and 15th for some zombie killing mayhem. If  you have questions about the event please contact me.

Happy Hunting, 


DGM/DA Zephon/DC-2/ 

Starkillerny Come join us for these events and feel free to Ask Zeph, Crsepe, Tuba or myself about the other EH approved games (or ju ...
Congrats ez on being the 4th best sin/shadow tank!
Thank you now I must summon my unicorn and ride off over the rainbow :)
Well, according to Season 1 Ranked PvP I am 390th best PvPer in all of SWTOR, in particular, 4th best Assassin/Shadow on the Jedi Covenant server :d
Princess Kinny is the EHer of the Month!
Congrats to Kinny for EH member of the month!
Tyrans kill vid: [link]
Gratz, Ez! :)
1501 Ranked WZ rating! I get my Rancor mount :d :d :d :d :d
Just hit Tier 2 for Season 1 Ranked, I get my ranked weapon!!! :d
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