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July 2014
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Pinup Art (by Feng Zhu)
Dark greetings everyone,

We’re moving forward in the Dark Brotherhood and adopting Star Trek Online as a new platform for member activity.  This effort has been spearheaded by SW Pellaeon and I have appointed him as Praetor to the Grandmaster to continue his excellent work on promoting and developing the game for our group. STO is a free to play MMORPG, features some excellent space combat, and has both regular content added and frequent in game special events.

We currently have several members already in our in game fleet and our Fleet (guild) resources are developing rapidly.  If you’re already playing STO and want to join the Fleet to get recognized for your activity and get access to our Fleet resources simply message a Fleet member in game. SW Pellaeon’s handle is @Arcion and mine is @Tmontte, though any Fleet member that hold the in game rank of Lieutenant or above should be able to invite you. If you are having trouble joining, are new to the game and want to get involved, or just have questions in general I invite you to email me or message me on Steam (my Steam handle is [EH] Hitman ) and I’ll be glad to help out.

How do you earn rewards?  Pellaeon will be tracking activty and submitting a monthly report to myself, MAA Elwood the Brave, and Consul Crsepe, along with recommendations for awards and promotions.  Leveling your character(s), donating to the Fleet, Special Task Force Missions, Fleet Actions, and PvP will all be considered.  We can track Fleet donations easily in game, everything else needs to be reported by you to Praetor Pellaeon via email. Attach screenshots wherever possible.  As an additional note, PvP will also reward Clusters of Fire in addition to activity tracking. Any PvP screenshots should also be cc:ed to Consul Crsepe as well for Sword of Drakonan purposes and activity in STO will be rewarded on the same basis as activity on TOR for SoD.

As we move forward we’d also like to create Battleteams focused on STO, what form they take is largely up to you the members.  You might have a team focused on clearing story content, or running PvE events (STO equivalent of Raids), or PvPing regularly, or even roleplaying. Find like minded individuals and we’ll help you get set up.  Keep in mind that as these teams form, one member will need to assume the position of Battleteam Leader to assist in tracking activity, set up events and competitions, and forward rank and award recommendations to Praetor Pellaeon. If you’re interested in a leadership role in a particular activity for STO, let me know and we’ll get you set up.

I look forward to seeing you in game and showing the Universe that the Emperor’s Hammer is a force to be reckoned with, even in a galaxy not so far away.

Darkness Defend,

TO/AD Lord Tomaas Montte/CS-5/SSSD Sovereign [DCRN]
{IU:C/TC, C/DB, C/DIR, S, XWAC, SM2, INST, AIM, 1, 2, ICQ,
 AT1, LST, RT, STM, 1, GMR, 1, 2}

GM/GM Lord Tomaas Montte/DC-1/ 
(SL) (ED) (GC) (SoP) (DC-K) (KS) (Cr-D-R-Ax2-E-T-Q) (CF-R) (LSB)
Darth Beskad
July 3rd's Fun run is canceled for the time being, but if I see that people are still wanting to do something that night when I'm on I'll throw together a impromptu run.

On July 10th we'll pick up the the fun runs again with a trip into Scum and Villany. Please be geared in at least 69 gear and have stims. These are  hard modes after all. Also adrenals are optional but highly advised for the Styrak fight.

On July 18th we will be doing something different a trek into Dread Fortress. That's right your eyes do not deceive you. I will be doing a test run into Hard mode Dread Fortress to see if I can add that to our roster of fun run options. Characters that you want to bring on this must be at least 72 geared or higher, must have stims, and must have adrenals. This is a no joke operation and shouldn't be taken lightly. There will be a 5 wipe limit and if we are even Semi-successful then I will start adding these on a regular rotation.

As a final note if you are interested in Pub side versions of these runs please post what character/s you can play and what role/s they can fill here http://www.emperorshammer.net/forum/m/3268063/viewthread/13049755-thursday-operation-runs

Thanks for reading and remember, have fun. Oh and stay away from Kamjin... he picked up a social disease again.
Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz But...KAM TANK!!! Kam take hit...
Ezria Kammy, just say no! Do you not remember the abstinence talk we had?

A time for reflection

Havok posted Jun 2, 14

Four days from this post will mark the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Europe, better known in the west as D-Day.   Although we are all here to have fun and spend our time enjoying ourselves, I would simply like to remind folks to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices and heroism that those before us devoted in a cause to defeat oppression and tyranny.  These feats where not only performed on this pivotal day, but by all who where struggling in the fight.  If I may, let me put this into perspective.  An 18 year old on 1944....would be 88 today.  So, if anyone has "that" Grandfather, Great Uncle, Great Aunt, etc. I would urge you to at least bring the subject up before the stories are lost to history.  Or, next time you stop in for a cold one....tactfully work your way into getting that member in your VFW or American Legion Hall to share their experiences before it is all lost.  Not only may you hear a different perspective on something but you may even assist in the healing of a fellow veteran by allowing them to share their experiences. 


SA Havok

tZero Well said Havok
Ezria Hear hear!
Hey all,

    Tonight Tau Squadron scored another progression kill! Nightmare Nefra is down (with the Nightmare Power buff too :D)! The fight is quite tough with a 3:10 enrage timer. She enraged at around 3% health so our dps is very close. Hopefully in our next few attempts we'll be able to down her without an enrage! Congrats to Rapier for receiving our guild's first Unassembled Dread Master Implant!

Tanks: Vaela'ven and Spetum (Rapier's Powertech)
Melee DPS: Sheytan and Corsette
Ranged DPS: Logainablar and Unforgive (my Sniper)
Healers: Van'aris (Zynox's Operative) and Douglas'quaid (Kinny's Mercenary)

    Screenshot attached!

Stay Sithy my friends,

Nightmare Nefra
Hey all,

    Tonight Tau Squadron scored another progression kill. The final boss in HM Dread Palace is history! As Tau Squadron has officially killed the four remaining dread masters! After several pulls of bad RNG, the stars aligned on our final attempt and we were able to kill them in a very smooth run. Big thanks to all that participated:

Tanks: Vaela'ven and Spetum (Rapier's Powertech)
Melee DPS: Corsette and Kamjin
Ranged DPS: Logainablar and Unforgive (my Sniper)
Healers: Van'aris (Zynox's Operative) and Douglas'quaid (Kinny's Mercenary)

    No screenshots but I did take a video of the kill: http://youtu.be/rj0IfemU8yE

    Huge congrats to everyone! Emperor's Hammer is now 5/5 HM Dread Fortress and 5/5 HM Dread Fortress! Next stop, Nightmare mode progression!

Stay Sithy my friends,
Hey all,

    Up on the calendar for this Saturday, normal raid time. I've gotten a lot of concerns regarding loot distribution on these runs, and I'll be happy to inform everyone that we will be running Master Looter and limiting each person to 1 Arkanian/Underworld main roll token for the run (Tokens do not include belts and bracers). Bring your alts, or mains if u want, and have fun!

Stay Sithy my friends,

New fun run on calendar!

Ezria posted May 13, 14
HM TFB. Yes, HM, you read that correctly.

Hey all,

     2.8 is now on the PTS, and it brings a slew of class balances. Thankfully, this time it's all buffs (well, with the exception of the nerf to the wayyyyy overpowered Enraged Defense for Juggernauts)! Yay! The particular classes/specs that are buffed are Madness Assassin/Sorcerers, Pyrotech Powertechs, Annihilation Marauders, and Shield Tech Powertechs.

     Details of the patch notes are posted here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=738638 though I would like to highlight a few welcoming changes especially in relation to our progression team.

Madness Sorcerer:
- Creeping Terror deals more damage
- Each stack of Focal Lightning additionally increases damage of Lighting Burns by 9% (stacks up to 4)
- Force Lightning now deals 25% more damage to target affected by your Creeping Terror
- Cast time of Whirlwind down to just 1 second (granted, more of a PvP QoL change)

Annihilation Marauder:
- Annihilate deals more damage and only costs 4 rage
- Passive cooldown reduction of Rupture (down to 6 seconds) instead of abilities resetting its cooldown
- DoTs from Rupture and Deadly Saber are no longer cleanseable

Shield Tech Powertech (no longer penalizing Powertech tanks for having defense rating):
- Vents heat when an incoming attack is defended or resisted
- Chance on resetting cooldown of Rocket Punch when an incoming attack is defended or resisted.

    All in all a lot of nice buffs and QoL changes for several members of Tau Squadron; Sheytan and Zero, I expect some really nice DPS numbers come 2.8 :D 

    Nightmare Dread Palace is also being released! Also, the Nightmare Power buff is removed from Nightmare Dread Fortress, which means that while Nightmare mechanics will persist in Nightmare Mode, bosses will no longer have ridiculous amounts of health.

Oh and just like every patch, there's a whole bunch of stuff I don't personally care about:
- New gunship variants and new bomber variants, whatever that means ... I haven't done GSF yet and that's not about to change anytime soon.
- Both Brontes and the Dread Council (all difficulties) now drop a Dread Guard Cranial Scan for each member of the operation. For those of you who don't know, that's the purple reputation token for the Dread Executioner Rep on Oricon. For me this will be more vendor trash, since my Rep is already maxed.
- Increased rewards for using group finder
  • 30 Ultimate Comms for 55 Operations (idk about you guys, but I'd rather smear my balls in honey and go sit on an anthill than to PUG Ops ...)
  • 25 Elite Comms for 50-54 Operations (see first bullet)
  • 10 Ultimate Comms for 55 Hard Mode Flashpoints (admittedly better than PUGing Ops, but not by much, so maybe we skip the honey?)
  • 10 Elite Comms for 55 Tactical Flashpoints (I have yet to do a Tactical Flashpoint, and I have to say, 10 Elite Comms isn't going to change my mind ...)
Bioware has promised more content in 2.8 as well. Since this is only the first iteration of the PTS they'll probably be adding more stuff as testing goes forward, so stayed tune!

Stay Sithy my friends,
tZero I read the same article. I'm thinking that they are referring to the classes they haven't tweaked recently tho, and perh ...
Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz Don't get too excited guys. Dulfy has an article from one of the producers that they may have "over" buffed DP ...
tZero I <3 the Devs That's all I can say ...
Please excuse my ignorance, but what's the difference between the .net and .org versions of EH? Thanks in advance!
I just got a random guard standing on fleet. I do own the bubble of shame! Also, out of town for a week. Might not log at all. Cheers!
To whom do I have to talk to to get my old rank and stuff back in the Member Roster?
Did a GF DP SM 8 man run - we cleared all except the Council in the end - any chance we could clear that instance out before reset?
And for tonights raid: [link]
Today was "Steal Apharan's Oricon Objectives Day"! What new holiday will tomorrow bring?
SnV SM up on the events calender.
Nightmare EC downed in 1:15. Warstalkers!
Congrats ez on being the 4th best sin/shadow tank!
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