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New Platform - Galaxy of Heroes

By Garonin adminofficerraidleader - Posted Sep 18, 17

Greetings all!

I am happy to announce that the Dark Brotherhood is now supporting Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for iOS and Android. Our Consul has worked out a tracking system which has met with my approval. Through this system, we'll be tracking a few different statistics in the game on both operating systems to help put together information for activity and rewards.

You can submit statistics either by having your BTL/CON as an ally or by taking a screenshot from your phone and submitting it up the chain of command.

We'll have a more formal writeup for the statistics, their relationship and rewards up soon. As for me, I am Miles Prower (MilesTPrower in iOS Game Center) and I am getting into this game. I leveled up like 9 times before I remembered that I had to complete this announcement!

COM/AD Miles Prower/ISDII Hammer
GOE/GS/SS/PC/ISMx6/IS-1GW-1SW-3BW-4SR-9BR/MoI/LoC-Rx1/LoS-TS-Rx3/MoC-2doc-2poc-3goc-3soc-26boc/CoLx2/CoB/LoA/OV-10E [FUSL] [Trainee] [Private 1st]{IWATS-COE-SM/3-WM-XTT}


MAA/SWL Miles Prower/DC-3
(GC) (SoP) (DC) (Cr-S-Ex3-Tx5-Qx10)

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