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Stingray Battleteam Report# 36

By Garonin adminofficerraidleader - Posted Oct 24, 17
-==Stingray Battleteam Weekly Report==-
Report # 36
October 22, 2017

Awards for last month's evaluation were handed out this week. Congrats to SWL Dempsey, SBM Aznable, ACO Branet and NOV Iren on their awards. And a second congratulations to ACO Branet on his promotion to the rank of PRT!
And now for something completely different.
-==Battleteam News==-
* Wraith, Drake Starfire, Daniel Ghale, Dan-Elin and Nathan Cole were unfortunately declared AWOL and transferred to the Rogue's. We hope you rejoin us soon!
SBM Coranel Both
Steel Cross (SC)
SWL Anahorn Dempsey
Grand Cross of the Dark Side (GC)
Cluster of Fire (CoF) x31
SBM Rau Aznable
Grand Cross of the Dark Side (GC)
PRT Earnim Branet
Promoted to the rank of Protector
Grand Cross of the Dark Side (GC)
Cluster of Fire (CoF) x2
NOV Eren Iren
Dark Cross (DC)
SBM Coranel Both
Email and Telegram activity
DSP Pellaeon
Flew 4 PvP missions
Flew 22 PvE missions
Email activity
DSM Jarek La'an
No contact
SWL Anahorn Dempsey
Flew 20 PvP missions
Flew 142 PvE missions
SBM Rau Aznable
Flew 20 PvP missions
Flew 14 PvE missions
SW Golbez Harvey
No contact
PRT Earnim Branet
Flew 2 SP missions
Flew 3 PvP missions
Flew 33 PvE missions
Email activity
NOV Bodhan Grayson
No contact
NOV Eren Iren
No contact
APP Rachel Tahiri Drakon
No contact
-==Dark Brotherhood Competitions==-
Full details on ongoing competitions can be found here or in the last CON report.
-==Battleteam Roster==-
Message Board - No dedicated message board.
Motto - Intercepting the past, changing the future.
Base - No Permanent Base Established
Site - No site established yet.
Banner - No Banner yet.
Nickname - The Flying Sith.
Total: 10
In Darkness,
BTL/SBM Coranel Both/Stingray Battleteam/Clan Drakonan
(ED) (SBx2) (GC) (SoI) (SoP) (SE-LB) (SE-LB) (SE-LB) (SE-TB) (DC-D) (DC-K) (KS) (Cr-D-R-Ax3-Sx2-Ex7-Tx4-Q) (CF-C) (LSP) (DSS-QK) (SI) (CoLx3)
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